Theatre in the time of Covid 

Voice Theatre (, 2020 Zoom Productions!

I HATE HAMLET, by Paul Rudnick 

Andrew Rally, (Jordan Feltner) has it all, a successful TV career, a devoted girlfriend, (Kate McMorran) a glamorous agent (Christa Trinler) the perfect apartment, found by his NYC real estate agent, (Jessie Wray Goodman). All is well that ends well until John Barrymore, (Robert Langdon Lloyd) appears. Never mind that his friend, Gary, (Phil Mansfield) is promising Andrew the world. 

Live On-Line Performance July 24 and 25, 2020 

Act 1:

Act 2:​

Voice Theatre 2020 Live On-Line Productions 

Our Town by Thornton Wilder, April 24th and 25th 2020 

BOEING BOEING, a comedy for the jet set!

Come fly the friendly skies with me, Gabriella, Alitalia Air Hostess in Phoenicia Playhouse's production of Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti!  


Boeing Boeing is running at the Phoenicia Playhouse October 11 - 27.  Then we transfer to the Orpheum Theatre in Tannersville for November 2nd and 3rd ONLY! 

Boeing Boeing is set in the swinging 1960s, and centers on American bachelor Bernard, who has a flat in Paris and three international stewardess (American, Italian and German) who are all engaged to him without knowing about each other. Bernard's careful scheduling goes awry when complications such as weather and a new, speedier Boeing jet disrupt his careful planning. Soon all three stewardesses are in the city simultaneously, and catastrophe looms.

Cast includes David Smilow, Wil Anderson, Daniela Goldberg, Caitlin Connelly, Christa Trinler, and Geneva Turner. Boeing Boeing is directed by Michael Koegel.

"Christa S. Trinler plays her  (Gabriella) as a loving dominatrix who gets what she wants. She can because she’s beautiful and full of that Italianissima way that makes men want to melt and eat too much pasta. Trinler kept her cool and accent even in the most challenging comedic passages."  - New York Theatre Wire


Land of Little Rivers was accepted into Woodstock Film Festival.  We had two showings and packed the house each time. And the talk backs afterwards were excellent!  They had to kick us out of the many people wanted to talk about the film and fly fishing in the Catskills! 

Rooster & The Queen, a noir short by Aaron Weisblatt (Cinetrope Entertainment).  I had the pleasure of being co-producer to this beautifully shot (thanks to DP Rob Featherstone) film.  Accepted into: Woodstock Film Festival, Hunter Mountain Film Festival, Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema  (winner Best Actress for Megan Bones) and Dances with Films Festival in LA. 

I also portrayed the supporting role of Mary!


Shot in Woodstock, Phoenicia and Kingston NY.  

Thanks to Johanna Tacadena and Creative T Castings for getting  me in this beautiful film that is KILLING IT at the Festivals.  I had a great time working again with Alex Emanuel and met some wonderful people; including Director Christopher Martini and Producer Kristi Anderson Ornstein. 


Three days of 3:00AM call times in a dive bar!  And there are seriously too many awards to list!  

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